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5 beauty apps to change your makeup game

By Amanda Andrade  •  Aug 19, 2016 at 7:00pm  •  Beauty

Want your makeup to really pop in your photos? Here are 5 beauty focused editing apps that I’ve used to help achieve a little bit ‘extra’.

Perfect 365, Makeup Plus, PhotoWonder, PimpleEraser and Facetune.

1) Perfect 365.


Perfect 365 it’s free, but the files you get back after editing are pretty small. If you want to keep your file size you will have to pay $2.99 for the privilege. Has tools for eye shadow, contour, eye liner, eyelashes and lips. It also throws in seasonal or special event filters, for example currently, it allows you to support your Nation in the Olympics by featuring a tool that can put a flag of your country on your cheek, some of the countries even have some cool, patriotic eye shadows available.


2) Makeup Plus.


Makeup Plus is also free and has the same standard tool set as 365 but also comes with an eyebrow shaping tool and the ability to change your eye color. Pretty cool stuff and also my favorite!


3) PhotoWonder.


PhotoWonder is free. Has a tool that calls one click and fix your entire make up in one click. Very popular in Asia because it’s easier to achieve the famous manga style.


4) PimpleEraser.


PimpleEraser is a great free tool you can use to remove… guess what?… pimples! or any other sort of spot or annoying blemish for that matter. Thumbs up!


5) Facetune.


Facetune is the first one without a free version and it is coming at $3.99 USD. Perfect for giving your face the most amazing glow, it can also whiten your teeth and alter your skin tone.  It’s easy to use, as they all are and it gives great effects, some of which aren’t available in the other apps mentioned here. Oh, and its endorsed by the Kardashians, if that’s your thing.


My favorites ones are Perfect 365 and Makeup plus. Facetune has its place, but I only really turn to it if I need something that I can’t get in either 365 or Makeup+. These two always help me when I want my eyeliner to look thicker or I forgot to put on lipstick. The best part of all, with a bit of practice and as long as they’re used in moderation, these apps can give you amazing results without tipping anyone off to the fact that you’re editing them.

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