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Eyeliner 3 ways

By Amanda Andrade  •  Sep 8, 2016 at 8:33am  •  Beauty

Eyeliner is something I can’t live without it, it’s the key to all of my makeup looks.

I find that people who don’t use eyeliner regularly seem to fear hearing the word “eyeliner”. I guess it’s because it’s pretty easy to get wrong, but, like most things, a little practice goes a long way.

To help you learn how to get that perfect eyeliner shape, I’m gonna show you 4 videos. Between them all they cover most of the basics and will help you achieve different looks for different events, from casual to formal, from work to beach.

But before we get into the how, let me show you my favorite eyeliners!

I have tried many brands and types of eyeliner in my life and for me to choose Maybelline as my favorite didn’t take long.  It was love at first application for me and I have been using Maybeline for the past 3 years with nothing challenging it so far. My two favorites from the hyper sharp line range are their red and gold ones. The red one is a bit thicker than the gold one and it’s also waterproof. I generally use the red one when I’m going out or know I’ll have a specific need for waterproof and I’ll use the gold one when I’m in a rush or just looking to get quick results for work. Super affordable as well they’re yours for only 12 usd!


1- Tricks to get the perfect eyeliner shape.


2- Eyeliner to go to work-  Simple and easy to do.

Video credit: Teni Panosian


3-  Eyeliner to go to the beach- I chose this video because I would only wear waterproof eyeliner to go to the beach and generally use a very similar style. It’s kind of in between the eyeliner to go to work and eyeliner to go out clubbing!



4- Eyeliner to go out and party – The thickest of them all. It’s so amazing how you can go out only wearing eyeliner when it’s done right!

Video credit: Kaushal Beauty


Here is a infographic that shows what style of eyeliner suits your eyeshape.

Photo credit: BuzzFeed

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