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Halloween inspirations

By Amanda Andrade  •  Oct 17, 2016 at 10:35am  •  Beauty

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s still time to get the perfect costume or learn how to put on some creepy make up.

So let’s start by finding some websites for either inspiration or to actually get a costume.

Halloween Costumes and Spirit Halloween  have a crazy selection of costumes, accessories and the price is pretty affordable for what they are however not the cheapest around. These costumes are more elaborate and you can see that the quality is better than other shops. If cheap and cheerful is what you’re after then both Amazon and Walmart would be the better choice, but you get what you pay for.

Next up we have some makeup tutorials that I completely love.  For me this is the way forward.  Depending on your abilities some are doable on your own, some will need help and realistically some of the more complex ones… no matter how easy the video looks needs a professional makeup artist… remember that’s exactly what most of these guys/girls are.

Check this makeup ideas too http://www.diys.com/creative-halloween-makeup-ideas/

If you don’t want to buy a costume or cant be bothered/don’t have time to spend hours doing your makeup, here is a tip from my last Halloween party!

Last halloween I just wore a simple black gown and did some stitches on either side of my mouth and around my neck and wrists, must say I looked pretty creepy. All you need is long black dress (preferably one you don’t mind ruining) and black eyeliner. Other than that I just threw on some rough black eyeshadow and put some concealer in my lips so it would look a little pale.

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