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The best foundations for your type of skin

By Amanda Andrade  •  Nov 10, 2016 at 5:06am  •  Beauty

Finding the perfect foundation is always a struggle. So many good brands to choose from, but also so many different types of skin to match. So, which foundation is the best one for you?

Over the years my work has given me the chance to experiment with a lot of foundation brands so I’ll highlight my favourite ones. My skin type is a combination (half dry and half oily)  but if your skin moves to either end of the scale I also know a few good foundations for you. So let’s check them out!

Ah! Something I always advise about foundations is that you need to invest in a good one. Good foundations may be more expensive but is so worth it! Good foundation lasts longer, has FPS and hydrate your skin.

Foundations for combination skin 

Dior has always been my first choice. I first started using Dior nude, then Dior forever and now I’m on Dior nude air! Dior forever would be more for dry skin tho so when using it I would mix it with Dior nude to get the perfect texture and color. Sometimes you have to experiment and mix foundations to get the results you want. In my case, I always had issues finding the perfect color and mixing always helped me out.


Foundations for dry and sensitive skin

Laura Mercier is definitely my favourite one from the dry and sensitive skin list. It makes your skin so hydrated it’s like you are putting a face cream on. It’s my go to foundation if i’m travelling to colder places as my skin always dries out in the cold!

Foundations for oily skin

Clinique wins the best one for oily skin because has this matte texture and incredible coverage. Very efficient at covering acne as well.

Foundations for all types of skin

This Sephora and Dior airbrush foundation is good for all types of skin! Airbrush foundation has been a thing for while and it’s slowly been winning everyones heart, err I mean face!



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