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What an amazing time to be alive! Edible plastic water So beautiful! This suitcase for kids is also a bed Amaziograph art

Have you heard about Bossaball? Now you can make your own custom foundation shade with Lancome! NEED this backpack. Reusable Notebook Animal Thug Life Compilation 

Attention all crepe and cake lovers! Learn how to do this amazing chocolate crepe cake in 2 minutes.  Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi playing at the Arctic for a good cause. Remove your stretch marks with tattoo! Jump into the world’s biggest inflatable waterpark This is how a puppy beach look like 

Best invention ever! A wine purifier that restores the natural taste of wine with selective sulfite capture filter technology that can prevent hangovers.  Potato pizza :O Dolphins surfing in Australia Probably one of my favorites videos ever Phone Keeper

Happy Halloween everyone!      

This baby chameleon hatching from his egg is the cutest thing you will see today. New pet? World’s Largest Urban Zipline Portable printer This mosquito patch will keep you safe from mosquitos bites! Need. Nacho dog!!!

Women makes dresses  with waste flowers and they look gorgeous!  Flying underwater  When the date is awkward  Damn waves! Yes.    

The power of makeup. This girl can literally transform herself into anyone! Stop motion animation is amazing. Suitcase that turns into a bed for kids This dog and his snail best friend are the cutest 🙂 Baby Pablo Escobar representing

If you need a new TV show to watch, now it’s a great time to be alive! If you haven’t seen all the episodes from the shows below, go grab some popcorn and download/stream/buy all of them! You won’t regret it.   American Horror Story  AHS is a american anthology horror tv series where each season is a new story, some of...

This chocolate Malteser pie is everything I’ve been dreaming of Jimmy Kimmel Coolest dogs ever Harry Potter fans will love it This is a special video to all addicted to dabbing