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Happy Halloween everyone!      

When I was growing up, my parents always taught me to help the less fortunate. From collecting my clothes, shoes and toys and giving to the local orphanage and/or homeless shelters to donating money or volunteering with registered  foundations/charities. If you’re in the mood to do some good for the people, environment...

Women makes dresses  with waste flowers and they look gorgeous!  Flying underwater  When the date is awkward  Damn waves! Yes.    

The power of makeup. This girl can literally transform herself into anyone! Stop motion animation is amazing. Suitcase that turns into a bed for kids This dog and his snail best friend are the cutest 🙂 Baby Pablo Escobar representing

If you need a new TV show to watch, now it’s a great time to be alive! If you haven’t seen all the episodes from the shows below, go grab some popcorn and download/stream/buy all of them! You won’t regret it.   American Horror Story  AHS is a american anthology horror tv series where each season is a new story, some of...

This chocolate Malteser pie is everything I’ve been dreaming of Jimmy Kimmel Coolest dogs ever Harry Potter fans will love it This is a special video to all addicted to dabbing    

Videos of the week!  Work out motivation Apple news Old but gold Mini meals Nom nom nom

Who doesn’t spend at least a couple minutes of the day watching funny, interesting and sometimes not so interesting  videos on social media? As a lover of good videos, every end of the week I’ll be posting my top 5 favorite videos. I will be just sticking with the interesting and funny ones tho…. I will leave the not so...