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Have you ever found yourself wandering into a lingerie store to try some gorgeous pieces only to discover they’re just sooo uncomfortable?

For years I made the mistake of buying things purely because they looked good and didn’t take comfort into consideration at all. Being a larger 34D I struggled to find bras that were comfortable. However after a lot of trial and error, I found 3 brands that really nailed it. La Perla , Wacoal and Wienna fit me amazingly and look great!

To be honest it was chance that brought these brands to me.  Having done shows and campaigns for each of the brands I came to realize that comfort was way more important and that it was in fact possible to get both!

If you’re searching for the perfect lingerie,  I would  highly recommend any of these brands. La perla is soft and sophisticated, combining beauty and comfort. I will say it’s pricey but it’s totally worth it for those special occasions! You can find bras starting at $104,00. Now if your looking for something you can wear everyday, Wacoal or Wienna work well for me. For those that don’t know, Wienna is a brand owned by Wacoal and with bras starting at $35, they’re affordable, offer great support and of course, super comfortable.

Here is some photos of Wienna 2016 collection so you can have a look what they have this season.






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