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Pregnancy diary – 1 trimester

By Amanda Andrade  •  Sep 5, 2017 at 12:37am  •  Mandy Stuff

I’m back and I have amazing news!

So after a couple of months hiatus from the blog (I’m sure the title has probably clued you into why), I’ve finally found some time to share our new…

I’m expecting!

Before talking about how my first trimester went, let me tell you how we decided we were ready to become parents! Ever since we first started dating my husband would aways tell me how much he wanted to have kids and that he couldn’t wait to have one with me (3 actually, not just 1). I wasn’t nearly ready and kids definitely weren’t on my mind at the time, and I told him so. But after a few years and more specifically after a semi recent holiday where I got to spend a lot time with young families, something really clicked and kids were definitely now a thing for me.  The timing was just perfect as well! Everything I had wanted to do before having a kid had fortunately been checked off my list and every sign was pointing me in the direction of momtown. When I got home from my trip, I told my hubby let’s do this and then became obsessed reading all about pregnancy and babies!

Exciting part: When we found out I was pregnant!  –  So as it turned out, as soon as we decided to try, I just happened to be ovulating.  The next few weeks were super exciting, I had pregnancy test sticks and was desperate to use them, knowing fine well they wouldn’t do anything, but still the temptation was strong lol.  I was counting the days till my next period so I could finally use one. Some websites tell you to wait 5 days after your missed period but I couldn’t wait so did the first test on the day my period was due.  I always thought getting pregnant would be very easy but after reading so much about it I learned that it can actually be incredibly difficult for a large number of people so I wasn’t overly confident.  Fortunately for us, we had no such issues and I got a positive!  I used clear blue and I really recommend them as they show how far you are (mine show 2 to 3 weeks pregnant) and also has amazing stats with 99% of true positives. We did a blood test a couple days after just to confirm 100% as well.

Now comes to the fun/scary/stressing/amazing part: The first 12 weeks.

Weeks 3/4: I was feeling cramps everyday. Imagine period cramps, but milder. I had to stop going out for my daily walks because it was just too uncomfortable. Finding a comfortable position to sleep was a struggle as well.  We went to the doctor to have a blood test and the doctor also did a quick ultrasound which was not necessary at all, but still, was fun(although seriously nothing to see)!

Weeks 5/6: These weeks the cramps eased a bit but I was super sensitive to smells. Everything just smelled so strong! Food, perfume, creams… I think I had a couple times when I smelled food it would make me feel sick but fortunately didn’t end up actually being sick at all. I think this was one the symptoms that I was most scared of from the start. Feeling sick all the time, not being able to eat and spending hours and hours in the bathroom is not fun. My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me she would trow up almost everyday for weeks and couldn’t eat anything. Eating good is such a important thing to do while pregnant and having to go through morning sickness and not being able to eat or enjoy eating is the last thing you want.

Weeks 7/8/9: Week 7 was when we went for our second ultrasound! We manage to see the baby moving and also the heart beating. It was so exciting and so weird at the same time as a first time mom seeing a little human being with a tiny heart inside me. Week 8 and 9 I was struggling a lot with migraines! When you are pregnant doctors advise you not to take any sort of medication outside of your supplements(folic acid etc), so to help my headaches I was staying in the dark with ice packs.

Weeks 10/11/12: From week 10 and 11 I felt like I wasn’t really feeling nauseated anymore. These few weeks were definitely the ones I was looking forward to the most during the first trimester. Mostly because by the end of week 12 is when doctors say your pregnancy is successful, that your baby is not a embryo anymore and is now a fetus and the chances of miscarriage drops drastically. Also in week 12, is when I felt comfortable to start telling friends. I had already told my parents and his parents as soon as we found out.

Couldn’t finish this post without leaving a couple of tips that really helped me during these 3months and that could help you if your are trying to get pregnant or just got pregnant. First of all, go to the doctor  (preferably an OB) and tell them that you’re wanting to get pregnant, get yourself checked and start taking your pre natal pills asap as they are so important for you and for the baby. Download pregnancy apps so you can have conversations with other moms, get some of your questions answers and just spend hours looking at other moms stories, pictures, videos… One of my favourite features of these apps is that some of them will tell you something new that should be happening/growing in your baby on that day. I downloaded Ovia Pregnancy, Nurture and The bump and I really recommend them. I was getting a bit freaked out by some of the things that were happening to my body but reading articles and other moms stories really helped put me at ease and normalise the situation. Ah, drink loads of water! It has helped so much in taking away some of the uncomfortable symptoms and is apparently also good for the baby growth.

Surprise! Gordon also did a pregnancy announcement photo. When your husband wants to recreate Beyonce’s pregnancy photo you make it happen!

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