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Pregnancy diary – 2nd trimester

By Amanda Andrade  •  Oct 29, 2017 at 5:47pm  •  Mandy Stuff

My second trimester is over and these past 3 months have been amazing and full of firsts! So many different symptoms, emotions and just general feelings. Finding out the gender and feeling the first kick were definitely the ones I was looking forward to the most!

Weeks 13/14/ 15/16 : Week 13 was a pretty easy one, no headaches or nausea nor any major discomfort. Week 14 we went for our 3rd ultrasound! First time seeing the baby sucking the thumb and moving like crazy (it was so hard for the doctor to take a picture, with baby summersaulting all over the place!). We asked if the doctor could tell us the gender and although she claimed to know, wouldn’t accept the liability of telling us until week 16. We pretty much counted the minutes during week 15 until our next appointment… It was fun and frustrating knowing I was so close, we kept seeing soooo many cute clothes we wanted to buy but just couldn’t? The day finally came and…We are having a GIRL!

Weeks 17/18/19/20: After finding out we are having a girl we went shopping crazy! and I must say I was a little shocked at how little boy clothes seem much cooler than girls (grass is greener or a real phenomenon? What’re your thoughts?).  We did however manage to find plenty of beautiful pieces but also decided to throw in some boy clothes for our baby girl. She will rock them we’re sure! Week 18 was when I felt the first kick! At first I thought it was just gas but day after day I was feeling them more and more, little kicks/punches and I realised it was baby showing how strong she was getting! Week 19 and 20 the kicks were getting pretty strong and became visible for the first time.  I was even able to film it. It’s so weird at first! In week 18 the kicks were gentle and could definitely pass for gassiness but by week 20 it really felt like a little alien moving around in my belly. It was a mesmerising feeling but also a bit scary taking in to consideration that you have a little human moving inside you.

Weeks 21/22/23/24: Came back to Brazil on week 21 to see my family/friends and eat my heart out! Flight was good and baby girl and I slept the entire journey waking up just to eat and drink water. Went to the doctor on week 22 to do a quick check up after the flight and everything was normal and on track. I just needed to take more iron as my iron count was a bit low (apparently due to the pregnancy). Week 22 and I’m eating for 5! I don’t  know if is because I’m in Brazil and the food here is plentiful and amazing or because baby is super hungry. Cravings are strong right now and annoyingly one of my biggest is Sushi which is a disaster as I love it and yet can’t eat it! I’ve decided one of the first things I’m going to do when baby is born is head to Nobu and spend the whole day there. Right now I’m in a food freak mood. Always taking care of what I eat, checking if the meat is well done and washing everything 1o times. For a sushi and meat(medium rare/rare) lover, it’s been hard but I’m managing. Week 23 I started pilates and was the best exercise I could choose to do while I’m pregnant. I used to do pilates before and always enjoyed it. Now it’s a bit different because of pregnancy and not so hard on you. Just focusing on getting your body ready for the baby’s growth and for labour. Week 24 I went to do my anomaly scan.  You can technically see the baby like in the previous scans but because the doctor is checking and measuring baby veins, brain size, arteries etc. its much less likely you’ll get good ‘baby looking’ angles.  I was so excited to bring my parents to see but unfortunately we couldn’t see very much this time.

Weeks 25/26/27: Week 25 I was organising my baby shower! I haven’t had the opportunity to organise a party in so long so it felt great and I had a lot of fun. Very different to any party I had planned in the past because its a baby shower and not a party party but hey, there will be alcoholic drinks for the guest and a lot of food! Week 27 and I’m heavier that I’ve ever been, topping the scales at 56kg! A 4 kilo gain since I got pregnant. I feel that most of the weight is going to my tummy and there are days I feel so bloated that I actually think I might explode. Trying to put cream and oil everyday to minimize stretch marks but I hear it’s all about genetics, so may be in vain. Still sticking to the cream and oil  just in case it will help but expecting at least a couple of red lines over the next couple of months.

Tips for the second trimester: Drink way more water that you have been drinking. Try to eat yogurt, fiber cookies, plums if you are constipated. I have been struggling in this regard as I’ve never really had a normal bathroom routine and I feel like they help me out a lot. Feeling bloated all the time is no fun and can put anybody in a bad mood. Also, because of all these hormones, stress level are higher and I definitely notice myself being a ‘bit’ more easily irritable. So try and spend time doing things that relax you and avoid what makes you angry (not sure this is a tip limited to the second trimester, or pregnancy for that matter).

Let the 3rd trimester begin!



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