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Pregnancy diary – 3rd trimester

By Amanda Andrade  •  Jan 23, 2018 at 9:41pm  •  Mandy Stuff

Wow! What a journey it has been. Can’t believe I have my baby girl sleeping next to me right now and also can’t believe I found some time to write this post. Mom life is no joke! But to get here, I went through my last 3 months of pregnancy and this is how it went.

Week 28/29/ 30: Week 28 I went for my last check up in Brazil (Everything was good and baby was healthy). I did another scan to see baby’s weight and hight and she was average which was good. I know, did so many scans! Mostly was just to see her more often, but unless something is wrong or you are having a high risk pregnancy you would normally not need to do as many as we chose to. Week 29 we started organising everything to come to back to the UK.  If you are traveling by plane to another city/country whilst pregnant you should be aware that some airlines only let your travel without authorisation from your doctor up until week 29, after that you will need one to fly. We ended up flying during my 30th week, which required a quick checkup with the doc and a letter to say everything was normal. Flight was great, didn’t feel any discomfort and got back home safe and sound.

Week 31/32/33: Week 31 and 32 back in the cold life of Scotland, I took this week to go to the doctor and start getting my antenatal classes booked, midwife appointments booked, 4d scan booked and, of course, buy some more baby stuff (we were buying baby stuff  daily at this point, it became quite an (unnecessary) obsession). We debated not going to the antenatal classes, as we had a bit of a preconceived notion of what they would be, but I’m so glad we decided to go, they were so good for us! I highly recommend, if nothing else it was nice seeing and chatting with so many mum to be’s, and all in different stages of their pregnancies. The midwife explains how the natural birth could be and all our options during labour. She also talked about breastfeeding and the basics of how to take care of our newborn. We had bought and read a lot of different parenting books but seeing in real life how things work is completely different. We used week 33 as model week.  I didn’t take too many pictures during the first and second trimester mostly because my belly wasn’t very big, but oh boy it got really big in the 3rd trimester. By the end of week 33 my weight was up to 59kg.

4D scan is a must do when pregnant! But be aware that sometimes baby is camera shy and you my no be able to get the best shots.

Week 34/35/36: I stopped my pilates classes from week 34 onwards as I felt it was too hard on me and my lower back was screaming for a break. Ah, my migraines were back as well so that didn’t help either. Week 35, my husband and I made sure we had everything for baby’s arrival. We had bought most of the essentials during the second trimester but had left a couple details for the last weeks of my pregnancy. Buying baby stuff is so addictive! Pretty sure we will have plenty of things, including clothes, that will never get used. Week 36 was one of my last doctors appointments with the midwife checking if baby’s in position and her heart beat. Baby’s heart beat was strong and she was already facing down, all ready to come out. My parents also arrived this week! They will be here for two months.

Baby clothes madness.

Week 37/38/39: Week 37 we went to Edinburgh for a couple days with my parents, did the touristy stuff and did a looot of walking. So much walking in fact that I needed, yes needed, a massage at the end of each day because I could barely bend over. I guess you just cant keep a normal pace in your last weeks of pregnancy. On the plus side, my apple watch was very approving.  It’s all about those stats!  Week 38 and I felt like my belly was going to explode. I weighed in at 64,5kg! My acid reflux was killing me and it was getting tougher and tougher to walk/move. Sleeping was a challenge as well, I never thought changing positions in bed would be such hard work and at times even painful. Getting up from the bed was also fun. I actually can’t even remember the last time I got out bed without making some crazy loud noise. Week 39 was the week! My due date was on the 30th and I gave birth on the second day of week 39 on the 25th. Yes we had a Christmas baby! More about my labour and my first month as a mom in my next post!

We took this pic on Christmas Eve! Who would have thought that our baby girl would arrive the very next day?

Tips for the 3rd trimester: Stay healthy and relax, you are almost there! Continue drinking lots of water and eating healthy.Baby is now growing very fast and it’s putting  more and more weight every week.  Avoid high heels, I made the mistake of wearing them just once in my last month and my back was destroyed. Get yourself a pregnancy pillow to sleep with at night, it definitely made a difference in getting comfortable, not a huge difference, but trust me, little things matter right now. If you have a boyfriend/husband or any family with you, make them do all the hard work. Sometimes I forgot that I was 8/9 month pregnant and wanted to lift heavy boxes or go for very long walks and it never ended well for me or specifically for my back. It can be hard sometimes, but hardcore rest really is the best right now. Last but not least, remember to rub that oil on your tummy a couple of times a day to keep the stretch marks away. Good luck to all the mommas to be out there. xoxo


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