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TV shows to watch

By Amanda Andrade  •  Sep 23, 2016 at 11:52am  •  Lifestyle, Mandy Stuff

If you need a new TV show to watch, now it’s a great time to be alive!

If you haven’t seen all the episodes from the shows below, go grab some popcorn and download/stream/buy all of them! You won’t regret it.


American Horror Story 

AHS is a american anthology horror tv series where each season is a new story, some of them are even based on true events. AHS has 6 seasons and season 6 just started 2 weeks ago. Very intense and you’re gonna need to have a strong stomach to watch some of it. I just watch the second episode of season 6 and didn’t blink or move during the whole episode, can’t wait till next weeks episode!

Stranger Things

ST is a science fiction-horror tv series where the plot follows the disappearance of a young boy, and a telekinetic girl who helps her friends in their search, while the boy’s older brother, his mother, and the town police chief start their own investigations. Stranger things is a fever right now and no one cant stop talking and sharing about it. ST has 1 season but Netflix has confirmed the 2nd season for next year so hold on.

Scream Queens 

SQ is an American comedy horror tv series. The first season focuses on the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, led by Chanel Oberlin, that is threatened by Dean Cathy. Events reignite a 20-year old murder mystery, with the reemergence of the serial killer dressed as the Red Devil mascot, who begins targeting the sorority members. The show is so bizarre that it ends up being funny. It reminds me a bit of the Scary Movie seasons but slightly less slapstick. SQ has 2 seasons and season 2 started 2 days ago.

How to get away with murder 

HTGAWM is a drama tv series. The tv show is about Annalise, a law professor at a prestigious Philadelphia university who, with five of her students, becomes entwined in a murder plot. HTGAWM has 3 seasons and season 2 stared yesterday.


Blindspot is a crime drama tv series focusing on a tattooed women who was found in the center of NY and brought to the FBI where they find out that each tattoo contains a clue to a crime they will have to solve.

New Girl

NG is comedy tv show where after a break up, Jess (The main actress) ends up living with 3 guys and after that you can expect that what ever they do it will be LOL. NG has 5 seasons and season 5 started 2 days ago.


Now my oldies but goldies section!

Game Of Thrones

GOT is a fantasy drama TV series filled with dragons, castles, gorgeous cast and LOTS of blood. GOT it’s been a sensation since it started and believe it or not there’s still people out there that hasn’t watch it yet! Got has 6 seasons and season 7 should be out be next year but only god know the exact date.


Supernatural is fantasy horror TV series. Supernatural is a tv show where 2 brothers hunt  demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings in the world. Supernatural has 11 seasons and season 11 starts on the 23 of September so yeah , today!


Revenge is a drama tv series. Revenge is about Amanda (not me) haha, who comes to the Hamptons pretending to be someone else to avenge the death of her dad. Revenge has 4 seasons with no new ones coming.


Scandal is an American political thriller tv series. The shows takes place in Washington DC and focuses on Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm and its staff, as well as the staff at the White House. If you like over the top drama, this is the perfect tv show for you. Scandal has 6 seasons and seasons 6 starts in January 2017.

Family Guy

FG is adult animated tv series.  The series is about the Griffin family set in the fictional city of Quahog and exhibits much of its humor in the form of cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture. FG has 15 seasons and and season 15th is starting on the 25th of September so pretty soon.

House Of Cards

HOC is an american political drama web series. HOC tells the story of Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina’s that after being passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power, aided by his wife, Claire. The series deals primarily with themes of ruthless pragmatism, manipulation, and power. HOC has 4 seasons.

2 broke girls

2BG is a comedy tv series that shows the lives of friends Max and Caroline where Caroline was raised as the daughter of a (now broke billionaire) and Max grew up in poverty, resulting in differing perspectives on life, although together they work in a local diner while attempting to raise funds to start a cupcake business. 2BG has 6 seasons and season 6 starts October 10th this year so you still have some time to download all the the 5 seasons and spend the weekend watching.

The Big Bang Theory

TBBT it’s probably one of the best comedy tv shows of all time after friends of course. It’s a mix of nerds, videos games and the most hilarious situations a group of nerd friends can get into. TBBT has 10 seasons and season 10 just start 3 days ago!

South Park

SP is an animated sitcom about 4 friends: Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny  getting into bizarre situations in Colorado. The show is all about crude language and dark, surreal humor that satirizes a wide range of topics. SP has 20 seasons and season 20 started a week ago.

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