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10 hours in London

By Amanda Andrade  •  Sep 18, 2016 at 6:48am  •  Travel

What to do when you have a long layover? Go and explore of course! And that was what we did.

Flying back from the US to Singapore we had a 10 hour layover in London and shockingly London was still not on my list of “places I’ve been”.  We decide to use every minute we had there and see as many of the touristy things that time allowed us to.

Starting from the airport, we checked our carry-on into the storage area then we were off.  We took the Heathrow Express into Paddington station which was quick and super easy! Although we opted for first class it almost felt like a waste, after boarding and having a look around the standard tickets appeared to offer not much less.

After leaving Paddington, which is actually pretty beautiful if you zone out all the people and actually stop to take a look around, we hopped in a black cab and set off to Big Ben with a quick pit stop at Buckingham Palace, where we coincidentally managed to catch the tail end of the changing of the guard.

As far clock towers go, this one was pretty awesome, we spent a few hours just walking around the surrounding area, getting in all the obligatory selfies and flagging down people to take photos of us.  It’s a cute area with amazing architecture and although a bit nippy, we got quite lucky with the weather.

Hungry, it was food time!  Harrods food court was the next stop on our trip, it was… awesome!  After wandering around for a bit, tempted to settle at every option we passed, we eventually decided that steak was going to be the winner, and winner it was!  Highly recommend the steak house but be warned it’s definitely on the pricey side.

Fed and watered, we were ready to start the shopping and decided to wander around Harrods for an hour or so.  What a place, huge and exotically decorated its a cool place to just get lost in.  There’s a lot to just look at, but it did seem to me not a great place for actual shopping, more looking.  So, with that in mind, we headed off to Selfridges.  Much of the same but more accessible, It’s on Oxford street, so loads of shopping in every direction!

Shopped out and running out of time we jumped in our final cab of the day, back to Paddington and made it back to Heathrow, a little rushed but, importantly,  before our flight left! So, mission accomplished!


Time schedule

Time of landing: 10:00 am

Cleared Immigration: 11:45

Boarding Heathrow Express: 12:00

Arrived at Buckingham Palace : 13:00

Arrived at Harrods: 15:00

Boarding Heathrow Express: 17:00

Collected Bags, Cleared Immigration & Security: 18:30

Boarded Plane: 19:15


Train time with queen B!

The taxis here are so cute!


Hello Big Ben

Cheesy part 2

The Palace


The furniture here is to die for!


Caffe Concerto





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