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Art Science Museum – Singapore

By Amanda Andrade  •  Feb 14, 2017 at 5:28pm  •  Travel

Yay, I’m finally back in Singapore! And guess where I went on my first day back? Yes, another museum. Despite living in Singapore for a couple of years now, I’ve never had the chance/time to visit any the museums over here, and so, to continue my current museum obsession, I figured it was time to fix that. I have heard a lot of good things about the Future World exhibition at the ArtScience museum and because it’s been around for quiet some time now I didn’t wanted to miss my chance to catch it.  In fact we made a day of it and caught all the exhibitions they have on which are the Future World, Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder and NASA: A Human Adventure.

Future World

This did not disappoint and if you haven’t seen it then I would definitely try to make time.  It’s this immersive, interactive, crazy wonder.  Using lights, projectors and all host of other sources it really is quite hard to explain quite what they manage to pull off and the amount of work that went into executing it is quite astounding. Upon entering you are in a small room that projects scenes onto every surface available, it’s mesmerizing, and really sets the tone for the whole exhibition!  From there you are treated to a further 15 installations, all just as interesting in one way or another.  Although my fav, a long with most people I suspect, was “Crystal Universe”, the acrylic tubes filled with LED’s programmed to make the most incredible patterns representing stars moving through space. I spent a long time in here, grabbing photos and videos.  This is a must see from me!

Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder

I must admit to not knowing too much about M.C. Escher before heading into this exhibit, beyond the crazy staircases anyways.  The way it’s laid out moving from his earlier work and into the themes that fascinated and inspired him, was a really wonderful way to experience his life coming alive through his art. I personally loved his “Metamorphosis” themed works, and found it crazy how much of his stuff I recognized without knowing that they were his.  A lot of brands have licensed his work of the years, it would seem.

NASA – A Human Adventure

This was my least favourite.  I’m not saying it’s bad necessarily, I guess its just a subject that I’m not as interested in.  Not space in general, I love space stuff, but the focus of this isn’t so much space.  It’s really, as the title suggests, about space travel.  It was quite cool seeing some of the engines etc which had actually been in space.  I got quite a surprise just how ‘basic’ space travel is.  Like ,really uncomfortable! I did enjoy the simulator at the end and advise having a go but a warning, it did make me feel quite queasy!  Worth seeing if rockets and NASA is your thing, but I personally would miss this next time.

It takes around 3 hours to get around all their current exhibits at least based on their own guide, we did it a little quicker and definitely got the experience we wanted, didn’t really miss out anything and spent enough time with the displays we wanted to. The ticket pricing may vary depending on which day you are going, if you are adult, senior, student or child and if you are a Singapore resident. Prices start from 9 to 25 SGD and you can also get family packages which are cheaper. ArtScience Museum is located at Marina Bay Sands which is ideal, particularly if you’re a tourist and fancy a wonder around afterwards.


Future World

Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder

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NASA – A Human Adventure





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