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Bangkok, Thailand

By Amanda Andrade  •  Oct 13, 2016 at 9:36am  •  Travel

Bangkok is one of my favorites cities in Thailand. Their delicious food, mesmerizing temples, happy people, cool bars and shopping malls are some of the best South East Asia has to offer and they’re not to be missed. I went to BKK for work but I managed to make time for all the places that I heard were must goes and I was not disappointed.

Food in BKK is out of this world. It’s the kind of place that it’s hard to find a restaurant with bad food. However if you are going for the street food, just check up on where you are eating and (in my experience) try to avoid the pork. Also, be ready for some spicy food! I’m not a big fan of spice and most places were pretty considerate of this and could make mild/milder options. My list of good restaurants here is huuuge! Mostly because every where I ate was awesome for one reason or another. I’m sure most of you know I’m a burger lover so an easy recommendation for me is GAME OVER. Game over is such a cool place. Walk in and you will find yourself surrounded by all things gaming: consoles and board games, pool tables and PC’s as well as a café/bar with a selection of desserts and craft beers. Burgers, board games, fries, beers and desert (they have the best milkshake ever) what else do you need?

After eating, nothing better than go to a good bar/club, listen to some good music and taste some unique cocktails. Sky bar (remember the super high outdoor bar in the hangover movie? yeah, that’s this place!), Maggie Choo’s, Kudeta, Longtable, Sing Sing and Sway are my bar/club choices. Sky bar has the most amazing views, Kudeta and sing sing are great for a good old fashioned party, Longtable has a table over a crystal floor giving you a top down view of the pool below, Maggie Choo’s and Sway are good for chilling but can get pretty wild depending on the day of the week.  The decor in Maggie Choo’s is wild! As it is in any of the Ashley Sutton designed bars (Iron Fairies is another).

CLOTHES. Bangkok is the best place in the world (for me) to shop! If I needed to pick one place to shop for the rest of my life, BK would be that place. There are so many malls, so many options, you will need at least a week to see the just most popular ones. For the more well know brands and high fashion, you can go to Siam Paragon, Central Embassy Shopping Mall, Terminal 21 or EmQuartier Phrom Phong. For local designers and cheap clothes, shoes, bags and everything you can think of, MBK and Platinum Fashion Mall are places you’re going to want to spend the whole day.

A trip to BKK can only be called complete if you’ve visited at least a couple of the magnificent temples scattered around the city. Just walk around anywhere and you will come across a lot of small temples and if you have time most are pretty welcoming to tourists so go in and have a look.  In addition to the small ones you just have to make time the for the larger, touristy temples:  Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. One day is enough to visit all 3. They all have a unique, amazing vibe and the architecture is so amazing you will want to take pictures of everything, literally everything. Ah, don’t forget to show the due respect.  It’s their culture and it’s appropriate to cover up accordingly! If you are not wearing appropriate clothes, they may give you clothes so you can go inside but I saw a couple of scantily clad ladies that were simply turned away for wearing low cut tops.


Hello Bangkok!

Game over!

They also sell some cool bikes

Old School Monopoly

All the kitchen staff wear google hats

Never have I ever

And more food! You will find THE BEST mangos in Thailand. Lots of places only sell mangos… like this one.

Wasabi balls anyone?

There are so many Korean BBQs in Bangkok!


Traffic is insane here! But if you are in hurry a tuk tuk or a motorbike can help you… Fear factor much?!


Love the exhibitions around the mall…

Walking around the mall and boom, Tom and Britney!

Cocktail time at Sky bar

These ladies are always in the swings at Maggie Choo’s

Want all the umbrellas!


Temple time! Wat Pho temple

Wat Phra Kaew



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