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Clear waters, white sands and blue skies, Boracay island has all you need to have an amazing vacation. If you are coming to the Philippines then Boracay is definitely one of the must go islands.

For me, 4 days was enough to relax, do some of the water sport, take boat rides and enjoy some beautiful sunsets. If you want to discover the most and always wake up with a sea view, look for the hotels in front of the white beach. There are not many of them, so make sure you book your room in advance. We choose to stay at The District Boracay http://www.thedistrictboracay.com and it was just perfect. Near to all the restaurants and bars and only 10 minutes walk to all the water sports fun.

The first two days we walk around the island,  checked out a couple of different restaurants/bars and watched the sunset (which is one of the prettiest I have ever seen). I wasn’t a big fan of the food apart from the deserts which were delicious (Philippinos make some tasty deserts). Bars are every where you look. Every night you have so many options and if you are coming to party, they even have the pub crawl group that takes you to have a drink in pretty much all of the bars.

We saved the last 2 days to do some of the water sports and do a boat ride around the island. In the water activities list you can find jet skiing, banana boat, fishing, parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving etc. From all of them we choose jet ski and parasailing which were good but holy cow, I thought I was gonna pass out during the parasailing. Not because of the hight but because it how it moves. It made me feel really sick but hey, sick views. The boat ride was good too, very intense because the sea was so rough, but a good adventure with a very nice Philippino boat crew.  Things are usually cheap in Boracay but make sure you ask around before closing any deals because there are a lot of companies doing the water activities.


To get to the hotel, we still needed to ride for 30 minutes to get a boat  when we got stuck behind this bus/car/Kombi thing. You see this in the Philippines very often. Safety doesn’t come first here.

Our boat waiting for us! Look at our first sunset

Arriving at the island just in time for some fire show.

Good morning Boracay!

The front view of our hotel

There’s a bar in Boracay where all the workers are… erm… little people!  It themed after Lord of the Rings lol. The reason? No clue.

Finding our parasailing men… Wasn’t a easy job.

Trying to smile but struggling so bad. Only photo of me in the parasailing.

Another amazing sunset coming

From the clear water to green algae .

Sunset goals

Boat ride around the island. Look at this water!

Our buddies

Stop by this side of the island and only 3 people were walking around . The white beach is always pretty busy so if you need some more space, just get a boat and ride for 15 minutes.

I love how the sunsets are different every day.



Best desert ever. Oreo crepe with vanilla ice cream.



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