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Boulder, Colorado

By Amanda Andrade  •  Aug 24, 2016 at 7:00pm  •  Travel

Love eating good food, sports and the tranquility of the mountains? Boulder, a small city in Colorado is the place to be.

I’ve been in Boulder for the past two months, and I quickly fell in love with things that I never thought I would enjoy, let alone become part of my daily routine. Hiking, jogging and Mexican food are just some of the awesomeness that I’ve come to love. I know that the Mexican food bit isn’t really a Boulder thing, but it’s just that I learned to love it here… so I’m including it!

The first thing that struck me about Boulder was just how picturesque the place is, nestled at the foot of several mountains, it’s just so beautiful.  Once you’ve moved past the towns natural aesthetics you notice what the place is really about: fitness.  It’s quite intimidating at first to be honest. Everywhere you look, people cycling, jogging, walking their dogs (everyone here seems to have a dog), or any other sort of healthy activity.

You can also find great restaurants, cute shops and unique architecture while you walk around the city.

The restaurants! They’re everywhere and whilst there are only a few stand out dining experiences, the average is very high, I eat out a lot and was only let down twice… in two months that’s quite impressive.

The shops here are pretty… erm … alternative, but you can find most of the standard brands as well. Boulder is known to be quite an expensive place so if you are planning to shop here, aim for sales season.  Not really a shopping town though, so I wouldn’t plan a trip here around that.

The architecture around the city, is just surreal. Everywhere you go, looks like a movie location.

If you’re looking to enjoy Boulder the most, the weather won’t let you down. During summer it’s around 30 degrees and winter around -5 degrees. I was lucky to get in Boulder in the end of spring and the lowest temperature I got was 4 degrees. The weather in my experience was pretty skittish, although almost always warm and beautiful blue skies, we’d get random showers that seemingly came out of nowhere.


Mountains everywhere you look…

Welcome to Pearl Street Mall!

I love how many beautiful flowers are in Boulder.

The haunted house on Pearl St! The house is open during Halloween for visitors, but you can still see this pretty lady outside.

The history behind the haunted house is that in 1920 there was a horrific accident involving 2 cops and one civilian in front of the house. None of them survived and people say that their ghosts walk through the house.

This guy makes me so happy! Just ignore that he’s ‘technically’ being electrocuted.

Looking for candies and soda? Rocket Fizz sells the coolest soda bottles and have some pretty fun candies.

They sell some other cool stuff too.

Bottles, bottles and more bottles.

…and guess what is just next to Rocket Fizz?! My favourite Mexican restaurant! Illegal Pete’s… Pork tacos for life! I would end up at Illegal Pete’s at least twice in one week. The food is always so good, fresh and the service is on point.

Cute little coffee shop.

This dog!!! If you’re a dog lover, you gonna love Boulder. Dogs are everywhere you look, just like the mountains.

This bear is ready for winter!

Best chocolate ever! I went to Kilwins every day to get a chocolate truffle and it was so worth it.

Looking for the best burger in town? Mountain Sun is where you will find it! Look at this burger…

Think my award for second best burger in town goes to Larkburger! … I know it’s a chain restaurant, but it’s a really good one!

Fancy playing some giant checkers? Walk about 15 minutes east down Pearl St and go to 29th street mall.

Need some help with your iPhone? Go to Apple store at 29th. They have the best iDog over there. He will help you with anything you need.

…and of course, more dogs!

Sunset in the city.

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