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By Amanda Andrade  •  Apr 28, 2017 at 6:27pm  •  Travel

Paradise exists and it’s called Maldives!

Going to the Maldives was always a dream of mine and it lived up to it’s reputation as one the most beautiful places on earth.

I had the chance to go the Maldives for work and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I stayed at Finolhu Resort which is 20 minutes by plane from the main airport to the local airport plus a further 30 minutes by boat from the local airport to the resort. This seems like a lot, but is common there, to reach most to the resorts in Maldives you will need to take either a boat or a sea plane (or both) as all the resort are literally  in the middle of the ocean.  Of the resorts I checked out, I came to the realization that you really can’t seem to go wrong, and as happy as I was at Finolhu, I suspect I would have been just as delighted at any of the other amazing choices.

When I first arrived at the resort, a buggy was waiting for me to take me to my room as the place is pretty huge. Necessary with my standard over packing. To be honest it was a little bit scary at first as you are literally driving above the sea on narrow little bridges, but once you get used to it it’s great. When I got to my room everything was beautiful, opening the door to my deck and seeing the sea right there all I wanted to do was to jump in to the crystal clear water, but unfortunately it was late and sea swimming after 10 is not allowed. Waking up was definitely the most exciting time of the day for me. Opening up those doors and watching the most gorgeous sunshine from my deck was so peaceful and really puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Life at the resort was pretty chill. After waking up and staring at the sunshine I would hit the main restaurant for breakfast and relax by the pool to do some work. In total there are 3 restaurants at the resort, but one is at the other end of the resort so I recommend taking the small boat there and walking back. The walk back is awesome, across a narrow sand bank, offering the opportunity to check out the turtles, who come here to lay eggs and do other turtles things.  Then there’s the normal resort amenities,  a clothing store (in case you forgot something), a water sports centre where you can rent jet skis, diving equipment and book the usual water sports such a parasailing, banana boat and even water jetpacks.  The resort also has a spa, gym, tennis courts and a volleyball area, so whilst definitely designed more for a relaxing holiday, there’s enough going on to keep you busy.

One thing that is good to keep in mind if your planning a trip here, the Maldives is a very expensive place. If you want to enjoy the best and everything the resorts have to offer you, make sure you bring cash! At the end of the day, you can’t go to the supermarket and buy your own drinks or eat somewhere else very easily. The resorts are pretty contained and you will mostly be doing everything within their safe confines, but this comes at a price and we all know how food, drinks and everything else in resorts can be crazy.


Arriving in Maldives!!!

Crystal clear water on the right, on the left and anywhere else you happen to look.

Buggy. The main transportation within the Resort.

Rooms over the sea! At this resort are 4 types of room. One is by the beach with or without pool and the other 2 are on the sea with out without pool.

This water though! Some days it would be very calm but others it could get pretty rough and with tide it could get a bit nerve wracking at times.

A little tour of the room…

Couldn’t have asked for a better balcony.

Hello there buddies!


Stairway to heaven!

The water in the Maldives is from another world. It’s so beautiful! and you constantly see so much marine life. Stingrays are everywhere!

How cool is this bar van?

Entrance of the main restaurant.

One of the restaurant views. You could also get the beach view or literally have breakfast/lunch/dinner at the beach.

Trying to take the perfect leaf shade shot. Not the best one, but I tried.

1OAK just opened at Finolhu and it’s great fun, with live music and dj’s every night.

If you need a break from the sun, you can come up to the vip area where there are pool tables, a cinema room and my favorite….

Everyday I spent in Maldive I wondered if I would get tired of the sea views and… that never happened.  (Even staying there for 9 days)



1.6km sand bank where the sea meets from both sides. Also the way you would take to see turtles!

Baby turtles coming soon!

Spending the night at 1OAK

Last breakfast on the beach

Bye bye Maldives! Till next time x

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