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New York, New York – Part 2

By Amanda Andrade  •  Nov 22, 2016 at 11:44am  •  Travel

So I covered the most touristy of tourist points New York has to offer in my last post, now it’s on to the restaurants, bars, clubs and malls that I went to and in my opinion should not be left off your schedule while you’re in the big apple!

Eating in New York is so good. The choices are endless, so no matter what you’re in the mood for there will be great offerings somewhere! If you’re into healthier food NYC will be a paradise for you! So many healthy options around the city, it’s crazy. I’m pretty sure I ate avocado at least once a day, everyday. We have to enjoy the avocados while they last, with the incoming global shortage (global avocado crisis)… But of course, despite my preference for eating healthy, this was pretty much a cheat week for me. Couldn’t leave NY without having some burritos, quesadillas and tacos! My favourite spots for quick lunches or snacks were:  The Chelsea Market (they have all types of food there), Los Toros, Le Pain Quotidien and for dinner: Bodega Negra and Beauty & Essex (Bodega Negra and B&E are also bars btw).

The nightlife scene is just as diverse and extensive. Of the places I went my standouts would be: Electric Room, it was cool but more for deep house lovers tho (like me) but my stand out winner was THE BOX! If you haven’t checked out The Box before in London or NY, it’s time. It’s an… erm… very interesting night indeed and more on the experience side of things, not somewhere I could really go week in week out and It may not be your thing but I highly advise anyone to experience it at least once, just be prepared to be shocked! They have a stage where they put on several performances over the course of the night and it is so much fun! a welcome break from the norm. Tuesday seems to be the best night to go so if you want to check out the performances, try to go on a Tuesday. In case you wanna something a bit more generic but still well done with good venues and service either Marquee and 1Oak would be my recommendations based on your choice of music.

Shopping time! Coming from living in Singapore (where everything is so expensive) and arriving in the USA, it’s like arriving in heaven. So.Many.Shops! The places I enjoyed the most  for shopping were 5th avenue, Times Square, Union Square and Soho. You will find everything from high street to high fashion and everything in between. It really is the holy grail for shopping.



Chelsea Market

Apart from amazing restaurants, you can also find some really cool clothing and jewelry stores at the Chelsea Market.

Le Pain Quotidien

How cool is the Beauty & Essex entrance? It looks like a guitar store!

Ceiling goals

OTW to Electric Room

The BOX (I couldn’t take more pics because it’s not allow)

Healthy alert! Gluten and lactose free pasta. Welcome to Williamsburg!

Celebrating Halloween at Bodega Negra

Halloween during the day

How awesome are these kids costumes?!

She is one of the reasons I want to have kids

Guess where?

At Fratiron!

Shopping at Times Square! Crazy but good.

5th avenue

The Victoria Secrets at 5th avenue is the nicest VS store I’ve ever beenProcessed with VSCO with c6 preset

At the top floor there’s a VS museum with some of the outfits that the angels have worn in past shows.

Grand Central

The market at Grand Center is so good! They literally have everything.

Bye bye NYC!… ‘Till next time x

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