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Weekend in Denver

By Amanda Andrade  •  Aug 29, 2016 at 2:05pm  •  Travel

After discovering the beautiful and peaceful Boulder (you can find  all about my time in Boulder in my previous posts), we decided to spend a weekend in the capital of Colorado, Denver!

Very different from Boulder, Denver is a big city and has all the things you’d expect. Whilst we weren’t there for too long we tried to fit in as much as we could.

We spent our first day mainly shopping.  Starting off at the ‘16th street mall’ which is one of the main streets in Denver. Perfect place if you want quick high street shopping and to grab something to eat. The street it’s pretty long, but is serviced by free buses that just run up and down the otherwise pedestrianized street. Whilst its pretty standard fare actually on the street, there are a number of cool boutiques and cafes on the streets around the neighborhood so it’s definitely worth exploring.


16th street!

If you don’t want to use the free buses there are loads of horse drawn carts that also run the length of the mall.


The buildings here are so amazing!

Finding a good Japanese restaurant in Colorado was not an easy job but we persevered and got a winner…Blue sushi sake grill get our thumbs up. Food was good!


We spent the afternoon in Cherry Creek. This, from my limited exploring, is a great place for shopping. Full of funky stores, antique shops and authentic restaurants, it took us about 15 minutes in a taxi from 16th mall street.  It’s definitely a more up market area and expect to pay up market prices, but this is where you will find the brands.


Colorado got some awesome street art all over the place.

For wine lovers!


After spending  the entire first day eating and shopping, we took the second day to chill and see what Denver has to offer in the way of entertainment. Annoyingly we found out that we’d missed seeing Adele the night before in the Pepsi center (love her!). However I consoled myself with a drive out to Red Rocks to watch Flight of the Conchords!  Red Rocks is a must! The place is awesome! It’s an outdoor amphitheater built into the side of mountain. Located 10 miles west from Denver, in Morrison, Red rocks it’s probably one of the most amazing places I’ve ever watched a concert. It’s made of this incredible rock structure and famous for bringing high profile bands and comedians (they also do movie showings apparently) which is super cool. Super thumbs up from me.


Apparently Red Rocks is always busy! I guess is because there’s always good concerts happening and well, look at this view.

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